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Valley Club - Harrogate

     VALLEY UPDATE - 29th June 2020

We are delighted to announce that following the latest Government guidelines,
Valley Club is reopening it's gates on July 4th.

Regretably, until further notice, we are opening to members only,
but look forward to welcoming prospective members
and vistors at a future date so our message remains the same -
'keep safe, see you soon'

Please note: COVID-19 restrictions apply across the site.

Any further updates will be posted on our website
and we can be contacted on the numbers below.

  1. We are inviting new members to join us this year! you will be surprised at how little it costs! For a couple with a caravan the yearly fee is just £435 with an initial bond of £100. That's right! just £435 gives you a whole season of holidays in your caravan at the beautiful Valley Club. Day membership for a full year is only £135 per person. Contact our membership secretary now for more details.

Come and Join Us For the Weekend!


Our Club Caravan is available at just £14 per night,

tents at £10,

motorhomes/caravans £12 per night

all, plus £4 per person per day.


Contact our Site Secretary by clicking the 


button below.



For Information please Contact;

Membership - Anne, 07929 415602 - email, veronicaatvalley@gmail.com

Visitor - Paul,   07432 577847 - paulvalleycampsite@gmail.com

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